Reschedule your upcoming training

Please select a new training session that better suits your schedule. You must be available for all days within a session. This page is for Houston Applicants only. Click here for Dallas-Fort Worth Reschedule Page


Must be same email used in application.


Bearfoot Employees must hold a valid American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification. Bearfoot offers training sessions for all applicants who need a new certification or a review. Training locations will not determine job placement, meaning, applicants can attend any location that works best for their schedule. If necessary, applicants may reschedule their training at any time.

Certification Courses are only available for Future Bearfoot employees. Those only seeking a certification and not employment will not be accepted into the course.

All training dates listed are for Shallow Water Certification. Lifeguards may be directed to attend an additional day for Deep Water Certification depending on Facility assignment.

Training Types:
New Certification - Need Lifeguard Certification
Recertification - Lifeguard Certification expired or expiring soon before September 2023.
Test-Out/Review - Holds a valid Certification and expires after September 2023.